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  1. Adrian Lomaga Personal Injury Law (#5017)
    Adrian Lomaga Personal Injury Law is a personal injury law firm in Toronto, Ontario (in the area of Victoria Park Ave & Danforth Ave). Practice Areas: car accident, accident benefits, slip and fall, disability law, dog bite, product liability, medical malpractice, professional negligence, assault & sexual assault, nursing home abuse.

  2. Allan S. Blott QC, Professional Corporation (#4870)
    Alan S. Blott Q.C. Professional Corporation is a law firm in Ontario with offices in Toronto and Mississauga. Areas of Practice: Injury Law, Sexual Assault & Harrassment, and Elder Law/Advocacy & Estate Litigation. Injury Law includes: Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles, Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents, Fatal Accidents, Long & Short Term Disability, Animal Attacks, Negligence Resulting in Injury. Sexual Assault, Abuse and Harrassment includes: Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Crime of Violence, Domestic Violence, Criminal Injuries. Elder Law/Advocacy & Estate Litigation includes: Wills and Trust Planning, Health and Personal Planning, Abuse or Neglect, Fiduciary (Financial) Representation, Capacity, Employment and Retirement Matters.

  3. Arvai Personal Injury Lawyers (#5031)
    Arvai Personal Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm in London, Ontario, Canada. Practice Areas: Insurance Claims, Long Term Disability, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Sexual Assault, Professional Negligence, Slip and Falls.

  4. Barry L. Evans Professional Corporation (#5136)
    Barry L. Evans Professional Corporation is a personal injury law firm in Oshawa, Ontario. Practice Areas: Serious personal injury claims, Motor vehicle accidents, Slips and falls, Insurance claims, Off-road and boating Injuries, Assaults, Dog attacks, Aircraft Accidents, Automobile Accidents, ATV Accidents, Boating and Watercraft Accidents, Brain Injuries, Childrens’ Injuries, Class Actions, Disability Claims, Motorcycle Accidents, Nursing Home Negligence, Orthopaedic Injuries, Product and Equipment Liability, Serious Slip and Fall Injuries, Snowmobile Accidents, Spinal Cord Injuries, Swimming Pool Injuries, Wrongful Death, Other Personal Injuries.

  5. Bayne Sellar Boxall (#5304)
    Bayne Sellar Boxall is a criminal defence law firm in Ottawa, Ontario. Practice Areas: Criminal Defence, Driving Offences (Over 80, Impaired Driving), Sexual Offences (Sexual Assault, Child Pornography/Internet Luring), Domestic Violence/Assault (Forcible Confinement, Threatening Death or Bodily Harm), Commercial Crime (Fraud, Tax Fraud/Evasion), Youth Offences, International Offences, Drug Offences.

  6. Bialkowski Leone Law LLP (#4880)
    Bialkowski Leone Law LLP is a personal injury law firm in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Practice areas: Assaults, Disability Insurance Claims, Dog Attacks, Employment Law, Insurance Disputes, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Product Liability Claims, Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents, Sporting Accidents.

  7. BolandHowe LLP (#4939)
    BolandHowe LLP is a personal injury law firm in Aurora, Ontario. With expertise in a wide array of personal injuries: Amputations, Amusement Park Accidents, Assaults, Snowmobile Accidents, Bike Accidents, Building Code, Burns and Disfigurements, Chronic Pain, Disability Claims, Dog Bites, Injuries to Children, Joint Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Municipal Liability, Nursing Home Negligence, Pedestrian Accidents, Psychological Disorders, Skiing Accidents, Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death.

  8. CrimLawCanada (#4729)
    Adler Bytensky Prutschi is a firm of creative, passionate and experienced lawyers dedicated solely to the practice of criminal litigation. If you or someone you know requires top quality legal representation in criminal matters ranging from shoplifting to murder and everything in between (including impaired driving and domestic assault), please click to to learn more about our firm.

  9. Flaherty Sloan Hatfield (#4956)
    Flaherty Sloan Hatfield is a personal injury law firm in Hamilton, Ontario. Areas of practice: Disability, Accident Benefits, Assault victims, Brain Injuries, Insurance Claims, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Negligence Law, Professional Negligence, Slip and Fall, Spinal Cord Injuries, Wrongful Death.

  10. Ford Hemington (#5042)
    Ford Hemington is a law firm in Calgary, Alberta. Practice Areas: Serious Personal Injury and Medical/Dental Negligence, Family Law, General Litigation, Construction Law. Practice Areas (Serious Personal Injury and Medical/Dental Negligence): Traumatic brain injury, Paraplegia/quadriplegia, Wrongful death, Fatal accident, Fractures, chronic pain, Major soft tissue injuries, Loss of income, Motor vehicle/motorcycle accidents, WCB/disability claims, Physical and sexual assault, Accident benefits, Occupier's liability, Slips and falls, Tort claims. Practice Areas (Family Law): Pre-nuptial agreements, Marriage, Divorce, Child support, Custody of and access to children, Spousal support, Property distribution, Paternity, Adoption, Guardianship. Practice Areas (Construction Law): Builders Lien Act, Lien Holdbacks, Determination of Lien Fund, Determination of deficiencies, Cost of remedial work, Discharge of Liens.

  11. Freudman Law (#4959)
    Daniel Freudman, Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public. Located in Toronto, Ontario. Areas of practice: criminal defence, civil litigation. Areas of Practice (Criminal Defence): assault, bail matters, breaches of court orders, drug offences, DUI & driving offences, fraud offences, harassment, property offences, record suspensions, regulatory offences, weapons offences, youth matters. Areas of Practice (Civil Litigation): Small Claims, Personal Injury, Breach of Contract, Negligence & other Tort Claims.

  12. Harvey S. Goldstein, Barrister, Solicitor & Mediator (#2017)
    Practices primarily Family Law, including divorce, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, child custody and support, spousal support, division of property and related areas. He also practices Criminal Law of all kinds, including assault, property and driving offences. With his extensive experience in the preparation of wills and powers of attorney, he has conducted seminars in estate planning. He has litigated in almost all areas of civil and criminal law (defence and prosecution) and appeared before all levels of the Court, including jury trials.

  13. Hooper Law (#4969)
    Hooper Law is a personal injury law firm in Scarborough, Ontario. Areas of practice: Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Motor Vehicle Accident Injury, Slip and Fall Injury, Sexual Assault Injury, Medical Malpractice Injury, Injury Insuarance Claim, Long Term Disability, Legal Process, Physical Assault Injury.

  14. Iginla & Company (#5201)
    Iginla & Company is a personal injury law firm in Edmonton, Alberta. Practice Areas: Car Accident, Slip & Fall, Dog Bite, Brain & Spinal Injury, Physical Assault, Long Term Disability, Accidental Death.

  15. Jellinek Law Office (#4401)
    Toronto law firm focusing on sexual abuse & assault, and personal injury.

  16. Kahler Law Firm (#4845)
    The Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm is a Toronto personal injury law firm. The law firm only represents injury victims and their families. Areas of practice include: car accident injuries, catastrophic injuries, slip & fall injuries, brain injuries, long term disability, cycling accidents, pedestrian accident injury, snowmobile accidents, fatal injury, spinal cord injury, boating accidents, chiropractic injury, assault, dog bites/animal attacks, medical malpractice, unsafe products.. With offices in Ontario in: Toronto, Barrie, and North Bay.

  17. Martin & Hillyer Associates (#4988)
    Martin & Hillyer Associates is a full-service law firm in Burlington, Ontario. Serve clients and the community for over 40 years. Practice Areas: Car Accidents, Slips, Trips & Falls, Medical Malpractice, Disability Claims, Criminal Law, Assault & Sexual Assault, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Wills and Estates.

  18. McLeans Lawyers (#5329)
    McLeans Lawyers is a criminal defence law firm in Ottawa, Ontario. Practice Areas: Bail Hearings, Break and Enter, Breach of Probation, Careless Driving, Criminal Harassment, Dangerous Driving, Domestic Assault, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Extradition, Fail to Comply, Fraud, Homicide, Impaired Driving, Robbery, Theft, Sexual Assault, Weapon Offences.

  19. Munn Law Firm (#5094)
    Munn Law Firm is a personal injury law firm in Ontario. With head office in Milton, and consultation office in Guelph. Areas of Practice: Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip and Falls, Chronic Pain, Orthopaedic Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries, Brain Injuries, Catastrophic Injuries, Hospital and Medical Malpractice, Animal Attacks, Wrongful Death, Bus and Streetcar Accidents, Defective Products, Assaults, Tavern Liability, Host Liability, Boating Accidents, Airplane Accidents, Wrongful Dismissals, Other Injury Cases, Longterm Disability Claims.

  20. NLC Lawyers (#5095)
    NLC Lawyers is a law firm in Brampton, Ontario. Practice Areas: Criminal defense law, immigration law, employment law, civil litigation, personal injury law. Practice Areas (Criminal Defense Law): Assault charges, drug charges, criminal charges, sexual assault, drunk driving charges, robbery charges, shoplifting charges, youth offences, immigration offences, domestic family assault, fraud charges, smuggling charges, aggravated assault charges, violent crime charges. Practice Areas (Personal Injury Law): Accident Claims, Slip & Fall, Personal Injuries, Medical Negligence, Violence Sexual Abuse, Police Assault, Class Actions.

  21. Pesonal Injury Articles (#4380)
    articles from from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (; Topics include: Car Accidents; Wrongful Death; Sexual Assault; Negligence Claims; Defamation; Slip and Fall Accidents; Dog Bites; Contract Disputes; Disability Insurance; Wrongful Dismissal

  22. Petker Campbell Postnikoff (#5102)
    Petker Campbell Postnikoff is a law firm in Waterloo, Ontario. Practice Areas: Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, Business Disputes and Civil Litigation, Trails / Appeals and Mediation. Practice Areas (Personal Injury Law): Assault & Sexual Assault, Brain Injury, Car Accidents, Disability Claims, Insurance Litigation, Motorcycle Accidents, Premises Liability, Product Liability, RV / Boating & Snowmobile Accidents, Professional Malpractice, Social Host Liability, Serious Injuries, Spinal Cord Injury, Truck Accidents, Uninsured or Underinsured, Whiplash & Soft Tissue Injury, Wrongful Death. Practice Areas (Business Disputes and Civil Litigation): Business & Commercial Disputes, Construction Disputes, Creditor & Debter Disputes, Estate & Inheritance Disputes, Insolvency & Receivership, Mortgage Enforcement, Real Estate Litigation, Shareholder & Partner Disputes, Stockbroker & Financial Advisor Negligence.

  23. Preszler Law Firm (#4842)
    Preszler Law Firm, Personal Injury Lawyers. Areas of practice include: Accident Benefits, Bike Accidents, Birth Injury, Car Accident Lawyers, Disability Benefits, Dog Bite Claims, Hip Implant Recall, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Snowmobile Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Premises Liability, Sexual Assault, Slip and Fall Lawyers, Trip and Fall Accidents, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, Traumatic Brain Injuries. With offices in Ontario in: Toronto, Barrie, Hamilton, Kitchener, Burlington, Whitby, Peterborough, Ottawa, Brampton.

  24. Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers (#5007)
    Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm in Ontario. With offices in: Richmond Hill, Brampton, and Hamilton. Practice Areas: car accidents, drunk driving, motorcycle crashes, trucking accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and fatal accidents causing wrongful death; traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal injuries and fractures, chronic pain, and mental and emotional injuries; slips and falls, animal attacks, physical assaults.

  25. Rose Keith Law Corporation (#5242)
    Rose Keith Law Corporation is a personal injury law firm in Vanouver, British Columbia. With a satellite office in Whistler, British Columbia. Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Bike Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slips and Falls, Medical Malpractice, Sexual Assaults, Employment Problems.


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