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child AND support:

  1. Child Support Calculator (#4816)
    Child Support Calculator from Justice Canada. Use the Child Support Online Lookup to calculate basic child support monthly payments amounts based on: Annual gross income of paying parent, Number of children, and Province of residence of paying parent.

  2. » Prenuptial Agreement -- Do-it-yourself fill-in form « (#4755)
    A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract entered into between two people who are about to marry. It sets out how assets will be distributed in the event of divorce or death. It can also be used to address other important matters to the couple about to be married such as rights to future spousal support, etc. A prenuptial agreement is normally used in situations where one or both parties: has significant wealth or expects to receive a large inheritance, has a personal business, wish to keep all assets and debts separate, were previously married, and/or have children from a previous relationship.

  3. » Separation Agreement « (#4777)
    A Separation Agreement is used to divide any property and debts that you and your spouse have incurred, as well as provide for custody, visitation and support of any minor children of the relationship. A Separation Agreement is ideal for separated couples looking to settle property and custody issues prior to a divorce judgment.

  4. A Basic Resume of principals relating to Quebec Family Law (#4649)
    A brief resume of basic principals relating to Quebec Family Law and the dedication towards the persual of excellence in the practice. Robert Teitelbaum, Attorney at Law.

  5. Abby Vimal (#4930)
    Abby Vimal is a barrister & solicitor in Brampton, Ontario. Her practice areas include: personal injury, wills, real estate (purchase, sale), family law (divorce, separation, custody, access, child support).

  6. Academy of Family Mediators (#359)
    Provides mediation services to families facing decisions involving separation, divorce or marital dissolution, child custody, parenting, visitation, property division, wills and estates, elder care, spouse support or alimony, child support, family business, pre-nuptial agreements, and many other disputes, conflicts or issues involving the family.

  7. Access and Child Support FAQs (#3762)
    answers to a variety of frequently asked questions; sponsored by the Alberta Law Foundation

  8. Chad D. Rawn, Barrister & Solicitor (#4691)
    family law site of Chad D. Rawn, Barrister & Solicitor. Type of family law that he practices includes: Divorces - contested, uncontested; Separation Agreements; Marriage Contracts; Spousal Support; Child Support; Custody and Access; Child Protection - including Children's Aid Society (CAS) cases; Restraining Orders; Lawyer's Opinion (Foreign Divorce)

  9. Child and Spousal Support Obligations After Death (#2342)
    by H. Christina MacNaughton (Lancaster, Mix & Welch) (fall 1996)

  10. Child and Spousal Support: Child Support (#4328)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  11. Child and Spousal Support: Enforcement of Support (#4330)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  12. Child and Spousal Support: Spousal Support (alimony) (#4327)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  13. Child and Spousal Support: Variation of Support (#4329)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  14. Child Support - a primer from Family Law Manitoba (#3488)
    from the law firm of Fishman Beley

  15. Child Support in Ontario (#3009)
    by Virginia Torrance - article from the law firm of Pavey, Law

  16. ChildView Inc. (#3360)
    child and spousal support software - child support calculation and analysis; free demonstration program available from website

  17. Do the New Federal Child Support Guidelines and New Tax Rules Apply to You? (#462)
    [Date: August, 1997]

  18. Executive TaxBreaks - articles from Deloitte & Touche (accountants) (#3873)
    index page; topics include: Your Will, Part and Parcel of Your Tax Planning ; Planned Giving for Charities ; Kiddies' Tax (No Kidding!) ; Could Uncle Sam Tax Your Estate? ; Last Call for RRSPs ; Segregated Funds ; Flow-through Shares - Gifts to Charities ; Pot Pourri ; 1998 Marginal Tax Rates ; Funding Post-secondary Education ; Income Splitting ; Flow-through Shares ; Reduce Income Taxes on Your Estate ; RRSP Update ; Need Money? Lend It to Yourself! ; New Seniors Benefit ; Probate Fees ; The More You Give, the More You Save ; Foreign Property Reporting ;Child Support; 1997 Marginal Tax Rates ; Royalty Trusts ; Provincial Taxation ; Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) ; Year-End Reminders ; Reducing the Costs of a Post-Secondary Education ; Ontario Tax Cuts ; Freezing RRSP Contributions ; 1996 Quebec Budget ; Prescribed Tax Rate

  19. F.A.C.T. - Fathers Are Capable Too (#4284)
    One of the largest non-custodial parents' and children's rights organizations in Canada dealing with custody and access. F.A.C.T. is an organization of both men and women working to support our children's right to have a relationship with both parents. They are a not-for-profit non-custodial parents' and fathers' support and advocacy group.

  20. Family Law Articles (#4379)
    articles from from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (; Topics include: Divorce and Legal Right ; Custody Access ; Child and Spousal Support ; Dividing Family Property ; Domestic Contracts

  21. Family Law articles from Burgar, Rowe (#1131)
    various articles including: The Family Law Lawyer/Client Relationship, You Thought It Would Never Happen to You; New Child Support Regime; Child Support and Extraordinary Expenses. Articles from the law firm of Burgar, Rowe.

  22. Family Law Office Of Karmel Sinclair (#5014)
    Family Law Office Of Karmel Sinclair is a law firm in Scarborough, Ontario that deals with family law matters. Practice Areas: marriage separation, divorce, child custody, child and spousal support.

  23. Family Law Primer (#3484)
    articles about divorce, separation, custody, child support, spousal support, marital property, procedure, restraining orders

  24. Federal Child Support Guidelines (#4697)
    Federal Child Support Guidelines from the Department of Justice Canada: keywords: family law ; custody ; support ; child ; children ; divorce

  25. Federal Child Support Guidelines FAQs (#3756)
    answers to a variety of frequently asked questions; sponsored by the Alberta Law Foundation


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