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common AND law:

  1. » Canada Legal Forms « (#4750)
    Links to various downloadable easy to use legal forms. Categories include: marriage and cohabitation, wills & power of attorney, corporate/business, leasing & real estate, sales, loans, settlement, human resources, and more.

  2. A Basic Resume of principals relating to Quebec Family Law (#4649)
    A brief resume of basic principals relating to Quebec Family Law and the dedication towards the persual of excellence in the practice. Robert Teitelbaum, Attorney at Law.

  3. Benmor -- Steven Benmor, Family Lawyer (#4676)
    Family Law Resource Center consisting of anwers to commonly asked Family law questions, feature articles on Family law, links to many Family law sites, and much more...

  4. Common Issues in Divorce in Quebec (#4631)
    issues covered include: Custody; Financial Support; Stages in a Family Case; Division of Property; Family Patrimony; Compensatory Allowances; Seizure Before Judgment; Declaration of Family Residence; Discovery of undeclared income, undisclosed assets and setting aside fraudulent transfers; Payment of Legal Fees by the Other party

  5. Common Law Relationships FAQs (#3767)
    answers to a variety of frequently asked questions; sponsored by the Alberta Law Foundation

  6. Common Limitation Period Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them (#4058)
    From Lawyers Professional Indemnity Company (LPIC)

  7. Custody and Access (Ontario) (#3746)
    basic answers to the most common questions asked about custody and access on marriage breakdown. ; from the web site of Lawrence Stephen Pascoe

  8. Dividing Family Property: Common Law Issues (#4331)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  9. Domestic Contracts: Cohabitation / Common Law (#4335)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  10. Family Dispute Resolution: Several Options (#1368)
    brief article by Professor Julien Payne, professor of law at the University of Ottawa (Common Law Section)

  11. Frequently Asked Questions about Class Actions Lawsuit (#4723)
    answers to common questions about the process of Class Actions Lawsuits

  12. General summary of the common law and equity principles on contract law (#1688)
    material prepared by Lloyd Duhaime, Barrister & Solicitor, of Victoria, B.C., in 1996

  13. Manafa Law Office (#4983)
    Manafa Law Office is a law firm in Toronto, Ontario. Practice areas: divorce & family law, fertility law, personal injury law, mental health law, employment law, wills/trusts & estates. DIVORCE & FAMILY LAW: [* Divorce * Parentage/Paternity * Child Custody * Child Support * Spousal Support * Exclusive Possession of Matrimonial Home * Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Cases * Domestic Agreements (Marriage, Cohabitation, Separation, Parenting) * Common Law Relationships * Same Sex (LGBT) Family Law * Transgender Family Law * Divorce and Family Law for the Elderly * Variation of Existing Access/Custody/Support Orders * Property Division/Equalization * Default Hearings/Family Responsibility Office (FRO) Issues] FERTILITY LAW: [* Assisted Reproduction Agreements * Independent Legal Advice * Permanent residence or Citizenship for children born abroad via surrogacy * Family Law issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Insurance issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Wills, Trusts &Estate Administration Issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Medical Malpractice Issues in Assisted Reproduction * Employment Law Issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Civil Litigation Issues in Fertility Law * Posthumous Reproduction] PERSONAL INJURY LAW: [* Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Accidents * Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse * Premises Liability / Slip, Trip, & Fall Injuries] CONSENT, CAPACITY AND MENTAL HEALTH LAW: [* Cardinal Principles Relating to Capacity * Capacity to Consent to Treatment * Involuntary Hospitalization * Application to Review Community Treatment Order (CTO) * Substitute Decision Makers * Psychiatric Nursing Malpractice * Medical Malpractice – Psychiatrists] EMPLOYMENT LAW: [* Wrongful Dismissal * Just Cause * Constructive Dismissal * Severance Packages * Employment Contracts * Employment Standards * Human Rights, Harassment, and Discrimination] WILLS, TRUSTS AND ESTATES: [* Estate Planning and Assisted Reproduction * Will Challenges or Defence * Capacity Litigation * Testate Succession * Intestate Succession * Support of Dependants * Spousal Claims and Elections]

  14. Married or Common Law Marriage? What Happens after Breakup: Divorce, Child Custody and Child Support (#1388)
    topics include: What Is Common-Law?; Custody & Access; Child Support; Spousal Support Property & Pensions; Death of a Spouse. - Article prepared Rebecca Faber, a lawyer practising in the area of family law

  15. Married versus Common Law (#4320)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  16. The Canadian Trust Law Centre (#1404)
    articles on a variety of topics relating to the law of trusts in Canada; includes links to definitions of common trust law terms

  17. The Common Law: Tradition & Stare Decisis. (#2528)
    by Peter Landry

  18. University of Ottawa - Faculty of Common Law (#29)
    Web Site for the University of Ottawa - Faculty of Common Law

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