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  1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Pardons. (#4275)
    From the website

  2. Articles of Various Criminal Law Topics (#315)
    Information about criminal law issues including: Arrest and Charge; Bail; Pleas: Guilty or Not Guilty; Remand Court; Elections and Preliminary Inquiries; The Trial; Important Principles in Criminal Trials; The Jury; Sentencing; Appeals; Pardons; Young Offenders; Police and the People: Your Rights on the Street; Search and Seizure; The Jury; Capacity and Fitness to Stand Trial; The "Defence" of Mental Disorder

  3. Canada Pardon Assistance (#4015)
    remove your criminal record

  4. Cooper, Sandler Shime & Bergman LLP (#4293)
    Ontario law firm - can help with: Trials of criminal offences in the Ontario Court and the Superior Court of Justice ; Appeals to the Court of Appeal for Ontario and Supreme Court of Canada ; Defence of Income Tax Act investigations and prosecutions - tax evasion, false statements in returns, etc. ; Defence of Securities Act investigations and prosecutions - insider trading, etc. ; Defence of Competition Act investigations and prosecutions ; Search Warrants - applications to quash, etc. ; Coroners Inquests ; Legal Opinions as to Issues in Criminal Law ; Post-sentence remedies - applications for Parole and Pardons ; Defence of professional discipline complaints.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions about Pardons (#4016)
    from Canada Pardon Assistance

  6. Hansen & Company (#5064)
    Hansen & Company is a full-service law firm in Calgary, Alberta that specializes in international immigration. Practice Areas: Canadian Immigration, United States Immigration, Litigation & Personal Injury, Criminal Waivers/Pardons, Family Law, Corporate/Commercial Law, Real Estate, Wills/Estates.

  7. Information about Criminal Pardons (#2650)
    from the law firm of Dawe Perkins

  8. Pardon in Canada (#1357)
    verbatim transcript from the National Parole Board of Canada's 1993 brochure entitled "Facts About Pardon Under the Criminal Records Act"

  9. Pardons Canada (#4274)
    Pardons Canada is a non-profit organization which assists individuals in removing a past criminal offence from public record. Pardons Canada is a resource and free telephone support-line for over 400 public, private and government sponsored agencies. Pardons Canada offers telephone information, support and guidance. They also undertake all necessary steps and procedures for removing a criminal record, including: Pardons, Purges, File Destructions, and U.S.A. Entry Waivers, for both Canadian Residents and Citizens wishing to enter the U.S.A. (keywords: criminal records removed, pardon, purge or file destruction, USA entry waiver or VISA waiver)

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