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  1. Axess Law Professional Corporation (#4935)
    Axess Law Professional Corporation is a full-service law firm in Ontario. With offices in Toronto (several locations), Markham, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill. Areas of practice: Real Estate, Wills and Power of Attorneys, Probate, Notary, Corporate Business (incorporation, shareholders agreement, rental agreement, more), family law, immigration, traffic tickets, personal injury, landlord and tenant.

  2. Becker & Company (#5346)
    Becker & Company is a law firm in British Columbia with offices in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. Over 36 years experience. Areas of Practice: Business Law, Real Estate, Family Law & Mediation, Litigation, ICBC & Personal Injury, Probate & Estate Planning. {Areas of Practice (Business Law):} [* Builder’s Liens * Contracts * Business Incorporations and Corporate Records * Employment Issues * Family Business Succession Planning * Franchise Law * Get Paid Program * Litigation & Mediation * Purchase & Sale of Business * Real Estate * Real Estate Acquisitions * Shareholder Relations] {Areas of Practice (Franchising Services):} [* Tips and check-lists when Buying a Franchise * Local Representation * Franchise Coaching * Franchise System Evaluation * Feasibility and Viability Studies * Concept Development * Enabling the Franchisor * Legal documentation * Process and Manual Development * Manage Your Recruitment & Selection Procedure * Recruitment & Selection Process and Manual * Chair Franchise Meetings * Annual System Review * On-going Support * Benefit of Previous Experience] {Areas of Practice (Personal Services):} [* Family Law & Mediation * Medical Malpractice * Personal Injury & Motor Vehicle Accidents * Real Estate Conveyancing * Wills, Estates & Trusts]

  3. British Columbia - Probate Recognition Act (#1552)
    [RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 376

  4. Cohen LLP / Cohen Horvat (#5326)
    Cohen LLP is a law firm in Toronto, Ontario. Cohen Horvat, Barristers and Solicilators, is the office in Calgary, Alberta. Practice Areas: Real Estate Law, Corporate Finance, Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney, Incorporation, Estate and Probate, Privacy Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Agreements.

  5. DuMoulin Boskovich LLP (#5179)
    DuMoulin Boskovich LLP is a full-service law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia. Practice Areas: Insurance Coverage Issues, Life and Disability Insurance, Mediation and Arbitrations, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Business Organization, Construction, Contracts, Employment Issues, Fishing, Insolvency and Realization, Real Estate Development, Shareholder Disputes, Estate and Tax Planning, Family Matters, Family Trusts, Probate and Estates, Real Estate and Mortgages, Wills. Languages Spoken: English, French, German, Italian, Croatian, and Serbian.

  6. Echelon Law Corporation (#5340)
    Echelon Law Corporation is a law firm in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Practice Areas: Business Law (Corporate Matters, Commercial Matters), Real Estate Law, Wills, Estates & Trusts (Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Probate, Trust Administration), Immigration & Citizenship, Disputes and Litigation.

  7. Estate Probate or Administration in BC (#1392)

  8. Executive TaxBreaks - articles from Deloitte & Touche (accountants) (#3873)
    index page; topics include: Your Will, Part and Parcel of Your Tax Planning ; Planned Giving for Charities ; Kiddies' Tax (No Kidding!) ; Could Uncle Sam Tax Your Estate? ; Last Call for RRSPs ; Segregated Funds ; Flow-through Shares - Gifts to Charities ; Pot Pourri ; 1998 Marginal Tax Rates ; Funding Post-secondary Education ; Income Splitting ; Flow-through Shares ; Reduce Income Taxes on Your Estate ; RRSP Update ; Need Money? Lend It to Yourself! ; New Seniors Benefit ; Probate Fees ; The More You Give, the More You Save ; Foreign Property Reporting ;Child Support; 1997 Marginal Tax Rates ; Royalty Trusts ; Provincial Taxation ; Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) ; Year-End Reminders ; Reducing the Costs of a Post-Secondary Education ; Ontario Tax Cuts ; Freezing RRSP Contributions ; 1996 Quebec Budget ; Prescribed Tax Rate

  9. Feehan Law Office (#5187)
    Feehan Law Office is a law firm in Edmonton, Alberta. Practice Areas: Personal Injury law, Disability Claims, Wills, Probate of Estates, Real Estate.

  10. Hagel Lawfirm (#5334)
    Hagel Lawfirm is a law firm in Mississauga, Ontario with a focus on estate litigation and estate planning. Practice Areas: Estate Litigation, Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Business Law and Succession Planning, Inheritance Planning, Probate and Estate Administration, Trust Administration, Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, Guardianship Application, Personal Finances and Asset Protection, Residential Real Estate.

  11. Manitoba courts registry system (#926)
    Tracks documents filed and hearings scheduled in the Manitoba Court of Appeal and the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench. The system currently contains Winnipeg Centre, Court of Queen's Bench information from 1984 onward and Court of Appeal records from 1991 onward. You can: Locate a specific file; Search files with information such as: party name, lawyer name, firm name, file registration date; View court hearing list; Search your court hearings; Request available dates for court hearing; view Prejudgment and Postjudgment Interest Table / Taux d'intérêt antérieur et postérieur au jugement. Probate calculator.

  12. Matthew Feehan, Barrister & Solicitor (#4822)
    Have you been named the Executor of an Estate but are not sure what to do? Has a family member died without making a Will and you have questions? Call experienced Edmonton Wills & Estates (Probate) Lawyer Matthew Feehan at (780) 424-6430 for a free consultation. He can help !!

  13. Ontario Court of Probate and Surrogate Court Records: Wills and Estate Files - A Pathfinder (#4709)
    information on how to find wills (usually within estate files) that were filed with the Ontario Court of Probate and Surrogate Courts between the years 1793 and 1963.

  14. Payment of Probate, Administration, and Registration Fees in Newfoundland (#481)
    Payment of Probate, Administration, and Registration Fees in Newfoundland following the Supreme Court of Canada Decision in Re: Eurig Estate [Date: November, 1998]

  15. Probate and Administration in Newfoundland and Labrador - The Role of the Legal Representative (#482)
    [Date: January, 1999]

  16. Probate and Probate Fees (#4372)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  17. Probate Fee Class Action - British Columbia (#3383)
    web page for B.C.'s probate fee class action lawsuit - from the law firm of Branch MacMaster

  18. Probate Fees Declared Invalid (#2110)
    from Keyser Mason Ball [Date: November, 1998]

  19. Questions and Answers About Estates Administration Brochure: Estates Administration (#4716)
    useful information from the Ontario Government (keywords: will ; probate ; estate ; death)

  20. Wagner Sidlofsky LLP (#4818)
    Litigation lawyers in Toronto Ontario, Wagner Sidlofsky, are attorneys whose practice focuses on international, commercial, and estate litigation.

  21. Waving Goodbye To Probate (#2345)
    by David L. Edwards (Lancaster, Mix & Welch)

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