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  1. » Canada Legal Forms « (#4750)
    Links to various downloadable easy to use legal forms. Categories include: marriage and cohabitation, wills & power of attorney, corporate/business, leasing & real estate, sales, loans, settlement, human resources, and more.

  2. Child Travel Consent form (#4793)
    A Child Travel Consent Form is required where a minor child under the age of 18 is traveling internationally without both parents present. It helps to avoid hassles boarding airplanes or crossing international borders. It is especially useful in divorce/separation situations.

  3. » Separation Agreement « (#4777)
    A Separation Agreement is used to divide any property and debts that you and your spouse have incurred, as well as provide for custody, visitation and support of any minor children of the relationship. A Separation Agreement is ideal for separated couples looking to settle property and custody issues prior to a divorce judgment.

  4. » US Law Videos .com « (#4752)
    Helping you understand American law through video, books, links, forms, articles, and more.

  5. A Basic Resume of principals relating to Quebec Family Law (#4649)
    A brief resume of basic principals relating to Quebec Family Law and the dedication towards the persual of excellence in the practice. Robert Teitelbaum, Attorney at Law.

  6. Abby Vimal (#4930)
    Abby Vimal is a barrister & solicitor in Brampton, Ontario. Her practice areas include: personal injury, wills, real estate (purchase, sale), family law (divorce, separation, custody, access, child support).

  7. Academy of Family Mediators (#359)
    Provides mediation services to families facing decisions involving separation, divorce or marital dissolution, child custody, parenting, visitation, property division, wills and estates, elder care, spouse support or alimony, child support, family business, pre-nuptial agreements, and many other disputes, conflicts or issues involving the family.

  8. Bartolini, Berlingieri, Barrafato, Fortino, LLP (#4937)
    Bartolini, Berlingieri, Barrafato, Fortino, LLP is a full-service law firm in Hamilton, Ontario. Areas of practice: personal injury law, family law (including divorce, separation, custody, etc.), estate planning, real estate, business law (including: commercial leasing, purchase/sale of business, etc.)

  9. Blupete's Essay on Government (#2529)
    Find out about Hobbes; Locke; and the Need for Government, as a Directive Apparatus. It is here, in this essay, onewill find out about the The Rule of Law and The Separation of Powers.

  10. Chad D. Rawn, Barrister & Solicitor (#4691)
    family law site of Chad D. Rawn, Barrister & Solicitor. Type of family law that he practices includes: Divorces - contested, uncontested; Separation Agreements; Marriage Contracts; Spousal Support; Child Support; Custody and Access; Child Protection - including Children's Aid Society (CAS) cases; Restraining Orders; Lawyer's Opinion (Foreign Divorce)

  11. Credit Splitting Upon Divorce or Separation (#1170)
    from Human Resources Development Canada government web site

  12. Divorce Magazine - Southern Ontario edition (#4276)
    self-help divorce magazine providing separation and divorce information

  13. Domestic Contracts: Separation Agreements (#4337)
    from the law firm of Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll (

  14. Family Law Office Of Karmel Sinclair (#5014)
    Family Law Office Of Karmel Sinclair is a law firm in Scarborough, Ontario that deals with family law matters. Practice Areas: marriage separation, divorce, child custody, child and spousal support.

  15. Family Law Primer (#3484)
    articles about divorce, separation, custody, child support, spousal support, marital property, procedure, restraining orders

  16. Family Mediation Canada - Mediation Familiale Canada (#3482)
    an interdisciplinary association of lawyers, social workers, human services and health care professionals, working together, creating a better way to provide for co-operative conflict resolution relating to separation and divorce, adoption, child welfare, wills and estates, parent/teen counselling, organizations, etc.

  17. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Family Law (#1724)
    Detailed web site with lots of information on: Info from several Provincial authorities; Child Support; Spousal Support; Child Support Guidelines; Custody; Access; Separation; Divorce ; EqualizationPayment; Separation/Marriage/Cohabitation; Agreements; Ontario Family Law Act; Choosing a Lawyer; Keeping Costs Down

  18. Haber & Associates (#4964)
    Haber & Associates is a full-service law firm in Ontario. With offices in Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga. Practice areas: personal injury law, family law (divorce, separation, custody, etc.), employment law, corporate business law, residential/commercial real estate law, wills & estates.

  19. Harvey S. Goldstein, Barrister, Solicitor & Mediator (#2017)
    Practices primarily Family Law, including divorce, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, child custody and support, spousal support, division of property and related areas. He also practices Criminal Law of all kinds, including assault, property and driving offences. With his extensive experience in the preparation of wills and powers of attorney, he has conducted seminars in estate planning. He has litigated in almost all areas of civil and criminal law (defence and prosecution) and appeared before all levels of the Court, including jury trials.

  20. Linda B. Alexander (#2053)
    Family law in Brampton and Mississauga area including appearance in court, divorce, separation agreements, custody, child and spousal support and division of property

  21. Manafa Law Office (#4983)
    Manafa Law Office is a law firm in Toronto, Ontario. Practice areas: divorce & family law, fertility law, personal injury law, mental health law, employment law, wills/trusts & estates. DIVORCE & FAMILY LAW: [* Divorce * Parentage/Paternity * Child Custody * Child Support * Spousal Support * Exclusive Possession of Matrimonial Home * Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Cases * Domestic Agreements (Marriage, Cohabitation, Separation, Parenting) * Common Law Relationships * Same Sex (LGBT) Family Law * Transgender Family Law * Divorce and Family Law for the Elderly * Variation of Existing Access/Custody/Support Orders * Property Division/Equalization * Default Hearings/Family Responsibility Office (FRO) Issues] FERTILITY LAW: [* Assisted Reproduction Agreements * Independent Legal Advice * Permanent residence or Citizenship for children born abroad via surrogacy * Family Law issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Insurance issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Wills, Trusts &Estate Administration Issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Medical Malpractice Issues in Assisted Reproduction * Employment Law Issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Civil Litigation Issues in Fertility Law * Posthumous Reproduction] PERSONAL INJURY LAW: [* Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Accidents * Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse * Premises Liability / Slip, Trip, & Fall Injuries] CONSENT, CAPACITY AND MENTAL HEALTH LAW: [* Cardinal Principles Relating to Capacity * Capacity to Consent to Treatment * Involuntary Hospitalization * Application to Review Community Treatment Order (CTO) * Substitute Decision Makers * Psychiatric Nursing Malpractice * Medical Malpractice – Psychiatrists] EMPLOYMENT LAW: [* Wrongful Dismissal * Just Cause * Constructive Dismissal * Severance Packages * Employment Contracts * Employment Standards * Human Rights, Harassment, and Discrimination] WILLS, TRUSTS AND ESTATES: [* Estate Planning and Assisted Reproduction * Will Challenges or Defence * Capacity Litigation * Testate Succession * Intestate Succession * Support of Dependants * Spousal Claims and Elections]

  22. Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP (#4994)
    Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP is a full-service law firm in Ontario. With offices in Niagara Falls and in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Insurance Claims, Corporate/Commercial Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Wills / Trusts / Estate Planning & Administration, Real Estate Law. Languages spoken: English, Italian, German. Practice Areas (Personal Injury): Car Accidents, Truck/Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Injuries to Children, Injuries to Seniors, Spinal Cord Injuries, Brain & Head Injuries, Slip / Trip & Falls, Dog Bites, Pedestrian Injuries, Cross-Border Personal Injury Cases. Practice Areas (Corporate/Commercial Law): Purchase/Sale of a Business, Business Formation & Incorporating, Contract Disputes, Corporate Re-Organization, Commercial Litigation, Cross-Border Corporate Law. Practice Areas (Civil Litigation): Personal injury litigation, Construction litigation, Employment litigation, Debt enforcement, Mortgage enforcement, Commercial litigation. Practice Areas (Family Law): Divorce, Spousal Support, Custody / Child Support & Access, Separation Agreements & Court Actions, Property Division/Trust Claims. Practice Areas (Wills / Trusts / Estate Planning & Administration): Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Estate Litigation. Practice Areas (Real Estate Law): Buying & Selling, Power of Sale & Foreclosure, Land Development.

  23. Precedent - Separation Agreement (Ontario) (#4692)
    Chad D. Rawn, Barrister & Solicitor - can purchase at this site

  24. Reilly & Partners Professional Corporation (#5147)
    Reilly & Partners Professional Corporation is a law firm in Ajax, Ontario. Practice Areas: Family Law, Civil Litigation, Business Law, Employment Law, Mediation (Family Law), Wills and Estates. Practice Areas (Family Law): Divorce and separation, division of property, custody, access, spousal support, child support, mediation and collaborative services. Practice Areas (Civil Litigation): Personal injury, property dispute, breach of contract. Practice Areas (Business Law): Contract Law, Incorporation – Ontario and Federal, Franchise Agreements, Labour, Licensing, Litigation, Business Purchase & Sale, Shareholder Agreements. Practice Areas (Employment Law): Discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal, severance, employment contracts, disability claims. Practice Areas (Wills and Estates): Wills, Estate planning, Power of Attorney, Estate Litigation.

  25. Separation - a primer from Family Law Manitoba (#3486)
    from the law firm of Fishman Beley


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