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Incorporation (Ontario)


Many people prefer to carry on business as a corporation.

A corporation is a legal entity separate in law from its owners. The corporation is owned by "shareholders" through their ownership of "shares" of the corporation.

Are you a doctor practising in Ontario? Physicians practicing in the province of Ontario are permitted to incorporate their medical practices and operate as a "Medicine Professional Corporation". Consult with your lawyer for full details. If you are located in the Toronto (Ontario) area, consider the Law Office of Peter Cusimano to do the incorporation for you.

Incorporation FAQ's:

Consult with your lawyer and accountant for legal, tax and accounting advice about setting up an incorporation.

Corporate Name Search

Incorporation (Ontario)

The Incorporation Package (Ontario) allows you to create a new, for-profit corporation. The corporation will be registered with the Government of Ontario. The Ontario Incorporation Package provides a simple, straightforward and flexible way to incorporate your business.

If you already have an Ontario incorporation and you need to file your corporation's initial return, file your corporation's annual return, change your corporation's name, change your corporate address, or change your corporation's directors or those directors' addresses, then see: Corporate Services (Ontario).

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