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  1. Aaron Waxman & Associates (#4850)
    Aaron Waxman & Associates deals with Disability, Employment & Personal Injury Claims. Injury Claims: Car Accidents, Slip & Fall, Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Wrongful Death. Disability Claims: ?Critical Illness, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Life Insurance, Long-term Disability, Mental Illness, ?Short-term Disability. Employment Claims: Accidents At Work, ?Bullying & Harassment Discrimination, ?Human Rights, Wrongful Dismissal.

  2. Labour/Labor/Employment/Wrongful dismissal (#4014)
    employment keywords: absenteeism adoption leave alternate work apprehension of bias arbitration associated employees bargaining committee bargaining rights bargaining units bonus bonuses casual employment casual worker certification closed shop collective agreement collective agreements commissions conciliation condonation confidentiality constructive dismissal consulting agreement contract of employment deemed termination demotion discharge discipline discrmination dishonesty dismissal drug tests drunk at work duty to accommodate duty to accommodate eating period employ employees employee's employers employer's employment employment contracts employment standards equal opportunity equal pay for equal work equal wages establishment federal employees final offer fired fires firings first contract fixed term contract for cause frustration gender discrimination grievance arbitration homeworkers hours hours of work hours of work human rights illness incompetence injunctions insolence insubordination insubordination intoxication intrest arbitration job duties job interviews job offers just cause labor labor boards labour boards last offer vote lateness layoff lay-off leave leave of absence lie detector test lie detector tests lockout lunch hour lunch period lunch time lying management position management rights mangement mass termination mass termination merger and acquisition minimum age minimum wage misconduct moonlighting no board letter noncompete non-compete noncompetition non-competition notice of termination notice period notice to bargain occupation open shop over time pay overpayments overtime overtime pay over-time pay paid holidays paid vacations part time parttime pay pay equity payroll performance picket picketing plant closing plant closure poor performance poor performance poor work performance position post pregnancy benefits pregnancy leave probation probationary profit sharing promote promotion public holidays public holidays public purse purchase and sale questions at job interviews quit quiting quitting recall recommendation refusal to work related employees remuneration replacement workers reprisal resign resignation retire retirement retires retiring right to refuse unsafe work safety committees sale of business seasonal employment seniority severance sexual harassment sick pay sick pay slowdown statutory holidays strike strike vote subordination successor employers summer job termination termination date time and a half tips trade union trainee training period trial period u.I. ui unemployment insurance unfair labor practice unfair labour practice union union dues union fees unions unjust dismissal unsafe work vacation vocation w.c.a.t. wages and benefits wcat whmis wilful misconduct without cause work hours work to rule work week workers working day workplace hazardous materials information system work-to-rule

  3. Canadian Human Rights Reporter (#850)
    fee required for some services - includes case name index and caselaw summaries for human rights cases; topics covered include Disability Rights; Discrimination; Employment / Unions; Family Status; Hate Propaganda; Public Services; Race Discrimination; Religious; Discrimination; Sex Discrimination; Sexual Harassment; Sexual Orientation

  4. Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (#855)
    The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal was created under the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) to inquire into complaints of discrimination and to decide if particular cases have contravened that Act. The Canadian Human Rights Commission looks into initial complaints of discrimination and, where warranted, refers cases on to the Tribunal.

  5. Court Upholds Tribunal Decision that Race Discrimination Formed Basis of Employer Actions (#3969)
    Canada (Attorney General) v. Uzoaba (1995), 26 C.H.R.R. D/428 (F.C.T.D.) [Eng./Fr. 7 pp.] ; case summary from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter

  6. Dale Streiman Law LLP (#4950)
    Dale Streiman Law LLP is a law firm in Brampton, Ontario. Practice Areas: Family Law, Real Estate Law, Business Law, Children’s Law, Wills and Powers of Attorney, Civil Litigation and Collections, Debtor/Creditor Limitation Period, Slip and Fall / Personal Injury, Human Rights - Discrimination & Harassment Laws, Estate Administration and Litigation.

  7. Discrimination and harassment (#4616)
    from Legal Line (

  8. Employers Must Accommodate Employees Affected by Adverse Effect Discrimination (#3978)
    Central Alberta Dairy Pool v. Alberta (Human Rights Comm.) (1990), 12 C.H.R.R. D/417 (S.C.C.) [Eng./Fr. 29 pp.] ; case summary from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter

  9. Human Rights Commission (#756)
    topics include: Sexual Harassment; Guidelines for Pre- and Post-Employment Inquiries; Running a Business: What about Human Rights?; Equality at Work; Discrimination in Employment; Your rights of access to Services and Facilities

  10. Human Rights Topics - case summaries by CASE NAME (#3961)
    from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter (C.H.R.R) ; topics include: Disability Rights ; Discrimination ; Employment / Unions ; Family Status ; Hate Propaganda ; Public Services ; Race Discrimination ; Religious Discrimination ; Sex Discrimination ; Sexual Harassment ; Sexual Orientation

  11. Human Rights Topics - case summaries by TOPIC (#3960)
    from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter (C.H.R.R) ; topics include: Disability Rights ; Discrimination ; Employment / Unions ; Family Status ; Hate Propaganda ; Public Services ; Race Discrimination ; Religious Discrimination ; Sex Discrimination ; Sexual Harassment ; Sexual Orientation

  12. Joking Constitutes Discrimination (#3982)
    Chiswell v. Valdi Foods 1987 Inc. (1994), 25 C.H.R.R. D/400 (Ont. Bd.Inq.) [Eng. 8 pp.] ; case summary from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter ; keywod: harassment

  13. Manafa Law Office (#4983)
    Manafa Law Office is a law firm in Toronto, Ontario. Practice areas: divorce & family law, fertility law, personal injury law, mental health law, employment law, wills/trusts & estates. DIVORCE & FAMILY LAW: [* Divorce * Parentage/Paternity * Child Custody * Child Support * Spousal Support * Exclusive Possession of Matrimonial Home * Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Cases * Domestic Agreements (Marriage, Cohabitation, Separation, Parenting) * Common Law Relationships * Same Sex (LGBT) Family Law * Transgender Family Law * Divorce and Family Law for the Elderly * Variation of Existing Access/Custody/Support Orders * Property Division/Equalization * Default Hearings/Family Responsibility Office (FRO) Issues] FERTILITY LAW: [* Assisted Reproduction Agreements * Independent Legal Advice * Permanent residence or Citizenship for children born abroad via surrogacy * Family Law issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Insurance issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Wills, Trusts &Estate Administration Issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Medical Malpractice Issues in Assisted Reproduction * Employment Law Issues involving Assisted Reproduction * Civil Litigation Issues in Fertility Law * Posthumous Reproduction] PERSONAL INJURY LAW: [* Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Accidents * Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse * Premises Liability / Slip, Trip, & Fall Injuries] CONSENT, CAPACITY AND MENTAL HEALTH LAW: [* Cardinal Principles Relating to Capacity * Capacity to Consent to Treatment * Involuntary Hospitalization * Application to Review Community Treatment Order (CTO) * Substitute Decision Makers * Psychiatric Nursing Malpractice * Medical Malpractice – Psychiatrists] EMPLOYMENT LAW: [* Wrongful Dismissal * Just Cause * Constructive Dismissal * Severance Packages * Employment Contracts * Employment Standards * Human Rights, Harassment, and Discrimination] WILLS, TRUSTS AND ESTATES: [* Estate Planning and Assisted Reproduction * Will Challenges or Defence * Capacity Litigation * Testate Succession * Intestate Succession * Support of Dependants * Spousal Claims and Elections]

  14. New Brunswick Human Rights Commission (#3951)
    government website - This site focuses on equality, discrimination and harassment in New Brunswick, and what you can do if you are discriminated against. It includes information for employers, educators and the general public, and several definitions.

  15. Personal characteristics & illegal discrimination (#4617)
    from Legal Line (

  16. Reilly & Partners Professional Corporation (#5147)
    Reilly & Partners Professional Corporation is a law firm in Ajax, Ontario. Practice Areas: Family Law, Civil Litigation, Business Law, Employment Law, Mediation (Family Law), Wills and Estates. Practice Areas (Family Law): Divorce and separation, division of property, custody, access, spousal support, child support, mediation and collaborative services. Practice Areas (Civil Litigation): Personal injury, property dispute, breach of contract. Practice Areas (Business Law): Contract Law, Incorporation – Ontario and Federal, Franchise Agreements, Labour, Licensing, Litigation, Business Purchase & Sale, Shareholder Agreements. Practice Areas (Employment Law): Discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal, severance, employment contracts, disability claims. Practice Areas (Wills and Estates): Wills, Estate planning, Power of Attorney, Estate Litigation.

  17. Rubin Thomlinson LLP (#4727)
    Rubin Thomlinson LLP is a boutique law firm, specializing in employment law and human rights. We provide trusted counsel on issues such as wrongful dismissal and terminations, employment standards and contracts, sexual harassment and disability. Rubin Thomlinson LLP provides optimal legal solutions to challenging workplace issues.

  18. Say NO to Racism! Racial discrimination and what you can do to combat it (#3957)
    from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission

  19. Sex Discrimination Includes Pregnancy (#3965)
    Brooks v. Canada Safeway Ltd. (1989), 10 C.H.R.R. D/6183 (S.C.C.) [Eng./Fr. 23 pp.]; case summary from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter

  20. Sexual Harassment is Sex Discrimination (#3988)
    Janzen v. Platy Enterprises Ltd. (1989), 10 C.H.R.R. D/6205 (S.C.C.) [Eng./Fr. 31 pp.] ; case summary from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter

  21. Sexual Orientation Included as Ground of Discrimination Under Canadian Human Rights Act (#3986)
    Haig v. Canada (1992), 16 C.H.R.R. D/226 (Ont. C.A.) [Eng. 7 pp.] ; case summary from the Canadian Human Rights Reporter

  22. Vriend v. Alberta (#422)
    Commentary on the Supreme Court of Canada ruling that the failure by the Alberta government to include protection in its human rights legislation against sexual orientation discrimination was unconstitutional and ordered that sexual orientation be "read in" to the legislation.

  23. What to do about discrimination or harassment (#4619)
    from Legal Line (

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